Poem: Harita Tara

Shyam Rimal
I carried with me my religion and culture
To a land beyond the Himalayas
I took with me our Buddha
Peace, love and non-violence
And planted there a civilization

Choosing an alien nation
I connected two nations
I made Lhasa out of a grazing field of yaks and sheep
And made the plateau a land of gods

I left behind my maternal home
I left behind my country and the countrymen
And thus protected my motherland
For eternity

Oh my sisters,
Oh my sister-in-laws and maternal aunts,
My aunts and younger sister-in-laws,
All the aunties and sister-in-laws,
Look with the third eye !
What courage and bravery you possess
In your heart
To let the country flourish and prosper
And to make it verdant !

I have already hoisted the sun-and-moon flag
In my motherland
For eternity;
Do our mothers possess any drugs?
To stop their children from deserting the country?

I am searching for an answer
Meditating through Vipassana
Near the Jongkha temple
In the holy land .

(The poem is translated from Nepali by Tirtha Bhattaraee. He can be accessed through tbhattaraee@yahoo.com)