Poem: Dream Come True?

Rudra Adhikari

Leaving to swim in the river Mai,
Leaving to play socks football in Saguri,
Leaving to eat organic fruits, vegetables and food from own garden & farm,
Leaving to sleep in father’s free lodge,
Leaving to eat in mother’s free kitchen,
Leaving to play in own  front yard with siblings,

What have I achieved?

River Thames ! where I can’t swim,
Big stadium, where I have to pay to enter,
Gaining Belly fat by consuming Packed, Canned & Junk food
Paying mortgage until I died,
Eating unhealthy & expansive food in restaurants,
Playing with stranger at Leisure Center,

I am questioning myself is this my dream come true?

(Rudra Adhikari is from Itahari-19, Sunsari. Currently, he lives in London, UK.)