Peter J. Karthak’s auto-fiction released posthumously

Kathmandu, December 13

Late novelist and musician Peter John Karthak’s last English novel titled‘A Young Wandering Mudlark in Old Kathmandu’ has been posthumously released on Tuesday. The book was made public by former vice- chancellor of Tribhuvan University Pro. Kedar Bhakta Mathema, writer and critic Pro. Dr. Abi Subedi and late author’s wife Ranjana Karthak during a literary event held at Nepal Academy, Kamaladi.

Speaking in the event, Prof. Mathema said that he met author Peter very lately for which he regretted. “Talking to Peter always made me feel why I couldn’t meet him quite earlier.” said Prof. Mathema. He also added that the book follows the story of the author himself based on his personal experiences while he navigates the vibrant streets of Kathmandu, leaving behind his roots in Darjeeling.

Reflecting upon the book, Prof. Abhi Subedi said that the real characters in the book reflect the time period of Panchayat system. “The characters appear to be real, they are in mass, and it reminded me of my school days.” he added.

The book is an auto-fiction, set against the backdrop of 1968 to 1972 during when Kathmandu remained a popular city for the hippies around the world. The posthumously published book also aims to pay homage to late author Peter J. Karthak, said publisher Ajit Baral.