Patricia Penalver Gallardo

I’ve witnessed
many suns,
many moons,
in many corners of the earth.
Yet I have not seen
the face of war,
its bloodshed.
Nor have I felt
the cries of war.

Every sunrise,
every sunset,
every bird in flight,
every land my feet have touched
bathes me
in the privileged
perfume of peace.

Walking through deserts, cities, jungles, forests,
I saw faces pale with hunger,
souls—like yours or mine—
scorched by their sorrow,
beggars pleading for my aid.

But my eyes have never seen
the terrifying gaze of war.

as I breathe in the sweetness of peace,
I wait.
I wait
never to witness
the face of war.

(Translated from Spanish into English by poet Santosh Kumar Pokharel)

Patricia Penalver Gallardo is a world-famous Spanish poet and rhapsodist. Originally from Argentina, she currently resides in Greece. Her adorable videos have gained widespread admiration. She has created some very beautiful video presentations in Spanish, featuring her own translations of poems by Santosh Pokharel.