Peace Is within Us!

Ankita Pokharel

Amidst the flamboyant laughter, she tries discerning through her cognition, the reason for her existence. The deeper she goes, the vaguer it gets. She catches sights of people around her, to see them propitious in their entity. The viability they carry triggers the contemplative character in her to restive over and above what she usually bears within.

She finds herself struggling to counter the plight of self-satisfaction leaving her entwined in the loops of reasoning, chasing her own cavernous thoughts.

Worn out with the process, she often tries to console herself by taking up what the rest of the world is in the wake of. She strives to live how other so-called normal beings do; going with the flow and running off the mill to appear adjacent to the present time sphere but a twist comes in. The chaos gets louder seeking an answer.

Choosing to console, she starts comparing herself with others and places herself in the pinnacle in every aspect she owns. A true, noble being of all! Her ego wins over and she gets judgmental to end up blaming others for her prodigious state of life. Following this, she once again finds herself struggling to understand if the cause for her vexation is really some other being.

She looks up for answers in the books, reads through the thoughts of scholars and polymaths; religions, sculptures and sacred scriptures become her other course of action. That does aid to something and that’s only adding up to her query and not otherwise.

Petrified about getting entangled back again, fatigued, she closes her eyes, she finds it dark and scary, reacts and tries getting rid of it but finds herself deeper in the fear. She tries running away from all the longings and proclivities for peace, to fail back again!

Keeping aside the logic, she takes a deep breath and recommences until she reaches the natural humanoid pattern. Difficult and challenging the process, she remains persistent and heeds her nonjudgmental breath to annihilate her queries; reflects to uncover her acts in disintegrating the law. She then accepts the flaws within, quits the blame game and understands that one receives the proportionate of her own acts, acquires the law of impermanence and all she finds is peace and only peace!