‘Parshuram Literature Festival 2081’ on May 23 and 24

Parshuram Municipality, in collaboration with Shree Rangoon Sahitya Prathisthan, is set to host  ‘Parshuram Literature Festival 2081’ on May 23 and 24 at the Parshuram pilgrimage site. The pilgrimage site is located at the confluence of the Mahakali and Rangoon rivers in the Parshuram Municipality of Dadeldhura district. The festival aims to promote the pilgrimage site and highlight literature and culture associated with Parshuram.

The festival will include discussions on various topics such as literature, art, culture, sports, and the Indo-Nepal relationship. It will be inaugurated with a ceremony on May 23, followed by various sessions.

According to Bhawani Awasthi Roshan, the coordinator of the festival promotion committee, the event will also honor several writers, including Veer Bahadur Chand, Bishram Kanchanpur, Kiran Acharya, Janak Rasik Dori, Ganesh Bahadur Nepali, Nirmala Bogati Bisht, and journalist DR Pant.

Prominent literary figures such as Dr. Navaraj Lamsal, Biplav Pratik, Sojho Gaunle, and others will also grace the festival.