Parajuly’s ‘Chitralekhako Chaurasi’ Released

Shilash Thapa Tamang
Kathmandu, 2 September

Prajwal Parajuly’s Chitralekhako Chaurasi, the Nepali translation of his novel Land Where I Flee was released in an event organized by Nepalaya publication in Kathmandu on Saturday. The English version of the same had been published in 2013. The Nepali translation has been done by Bibhu Luitel. The author announced the book ‘launched’ by handing a copy of it to Narayan Wagle, another novelist whom author Parajuly named as his ‘favourite’.

Speaking on the book, critic Saguna Shah said the book has maintained simplicity and has raised various issues like gender, inclusiveness, refugee struggle, politics etc. She further said, “All the characters in the novel seem to experience some sorts of identity crisis and mental dilemmas. I had read the English version in 2013 but the Nepali version has enriched my understanding of the novel in a diverse way.” Critic Shah also observed that the characters in the book are quite engaging in dialogue though the story at places lacks connectivity and coherence.

Author Parajuly shared the experience of his writing journey with the readers and shed light on some of the issues they raised. He said, “It is my deliberate effort to develop Chitralekha as a matriarchal woman to show how a woman can defend a patriarchal society.” He also expressed the belief that the Nepali title of the book is more encapsulating than the English one as it perfectly resonates with the theme of the novel.

Chitralekhako Chaurasi has been published by Nepalaya Publication. Fuir et Revenir, the French translation of the same, had received a good public acclaim too. Parajuly’s first story collection The Gurkha’s Daughter was published in 2012.