Pankaj Giri’s ‘The Unforgettable Woman’ Launched

Shilash Thapa Tamang
Kathmandu, 13 September 

After his successful debut novel The Fragile Thread of Hope, Pankaj Giri, a novelist from Sikkim has arrived with yet another novel The Unforgettable Woman. The work was released amid a literary gathering on Tuesday at Salbari, Silguri, West Bengal The newly launched novel has already earned a special attention from the literary community.

The Unforgettable Woman narrates the story of some inspiring women of tremendous strength and endurance, who work even in the most unfavorable hours and attempt to break social dogmas. The novel also gives a new meaning to relation, particularly one between the opposite sexes by narrating the story of a platonic love between a doctor and a patient

Speaking as a commentator, educationist and critic Bishwa Yonjan presented the novel’s insights and ideas to the attendees.

Author Pankaj Giri shared his literary journey up to the date and spelt out the subject matters of the novel. “The novel is a pioneer in addressing the problems related to drug addiction in this locality,” author Giri claimed.

The event also maintained brief silence to mourn the death of renowned writer Nar Bahadur Dahal who passed away on 8 September. The event was attended by a number writers, journalists, academicians and literary readers.