Pancham Adhikari’s ‘Pravasiko Desh Hunna’ Released

Author Pancham Adhikari’s latest short story collection “Pravasiko Desh Hunna” (No Country for the Expatriate) has been launched in the capital. The book was jointly unveiled by novelist Nayan Raj Pandey, critic Rajkumar Baniya, writer and critic Suman Barsha and other guest attendees.

Fiction writer Pandey mentioned that Adhikari’s story collection could be considered a standard for studying Nepali diaspora literature. He said, “The ability to maintain balance from the beginning to the end of the story is Adhikari’s strength and capability.” He clarified that such a capability is seen in only a few expatriate writers.

Similarly, critic Baniya said that although he usually does not praise anyone easily, he could not stay silent after reading Adhikari’s collection. He remarked, “Adhikari’s storytelling is poetic and multi-dimensional,” adding, “It has planted the seeds of new taste and style in Nepali stories.”

Critic Barsha expressed that the collection does not accept the notion that there is no country for the expatriate. She said, “Adhikari’s stories embrace post-modern consciousness,” adding, “The use of hyperrealism, magical realism, and metafiction has been successfully employed in this collection.”

The collection includes 14 stories under different title. Written around the context of Europe, some of the stories in this collection feature memories of the motherland, old reminiscences of youth, multiculturalism, and the refined essence of cosmopolitanism, along with dreamlike scenarios and the tales of those living with the commitment to a multi-colored whole.

Published by Shikha Books, the book is priced at 425 rupees.

Novelist Pancham’s previously published novel is “Pathik Pravasan”.