Padmashree Award Announced; Novel ‘Manu’ Bags the Title

The Padmashree Literature award for 2079 has been decided to confer on novelist Devi Prashad Subedi for his novel Manu. The announcement was declared through a press statement released on Monday, September 25, issued by Khemlal Harikala Lamichhane Social Welfare Foundation which also declared the recipients of Padmashree Sadana award and Padmashree Gaurav award for this year.

According to the press release, the foundation had first selected fifteen books from among the 180 books it received from various authors and then shortlisted five books before finalizing the winner.   A judicial committee formed to carry out the selection procedure finalized the novel Manu, authored by critic and novelist Dr. Devi Prasad subedi, as the winner of the award. Novel Manu reflects the socio-cultural feature of Rigvedic period, reads the statement.

Similarly, the foundation through the press notice has stated to confer artist Durga Baral with Padmashree Sadana award. Artist Durga, who is also accredited for giving an innovative style to Nepali cartoon, has been contributing in fine arts and cartoon drawing since two decades.

The announcement also says that Padmashree Gaurav award will be granted to educationist, founder member and former Vice-Chancellor of Kathmandu University Suresh Raj Sharma for his remarkable contribution in Nepali education.

Every year the foundation has been providing Padmashree Literature award since 2063 to a Nepali book considered to be the best in a given year. While the foundation also initiated to confer Padmashree Sadana award to an individual for his/her long devotion in Nepali art, literature, music and acting from 2067. Likewise, Padmashree Gaurav award was established by the foundation just the last year will be provided to an individual having special and remarkable contribution in social welfare.

Each of the award winners will be cash prized with 300000 rupees. As usual, all three awards will be distributed on Sharad Purnima, October 28, 2023.