One for the Journeyman

Samarpan Neupane

In the vivid memories
Of the footmarks left behind
Why sacrifice those to be left?
A return back from here
Is not an option

Throw down off this cliff
Disappointment and disgust
This journey is of determination
For us
In every mile we walk
In every cliff we conquer
In every ford we glance
There should live
A determination for the journey
A belief in the horizon

They may come
Neither they are the end of this journey
Nor are the storms
We aren’t here
In the journey
To reach any heavenly palace
Nor are we here for the souvenirs either

We are here
For us not to return back
Every again
Let’s reach where
The earth grasped
The sky mounted
The air gasped
By you and me
have the presence of life

Wake up my journeyman
We still have a world to walk
An era to live
And a liberty to kiss
From the horizon