On My Deadline

Bibekanand Kumar


When arrives the day of my departure
Merrily I’ll admit the deity’s judgment
As the day fades into another feature

With nix complaints and zero comments.

The day I won’t have any due desire
Neither any repents nor any regrets
For I grew a tree-like, Sire
Whose boughs and fruits are human-aiding assets.

Beams of smile will waltz on me
Recalling what I have done and earned

In a flash, all these images I’ll see
Of deed, I did till now since I was born.

Words of gratitude my heart carols
To the Almighty for my meaningful life
Though I had beds of flowers or knives
I’ve shored my boat crossing the ocean with strife.

Cast I’ll my eyes into the vacant space
Nothing came here with me, nothing goes

Virtues of mine will keep alive my face
And finally closing the eyes the body dies.