On Deprived Behalf

Santosh Kumar Pokharel

From heaven who’ll descend ?
To discern hates that prevail
And atrocities rend
Then mend lives of those
Who to ceasing bend.

It’s me, that here
Has seen people tend
To decline,
They often express whine.

They are true,
Listening to them who will pursue?
I am true,
They did never offend you.
And for granted I have
Nothing gained from your end
So, simply I won’t pretend.

If you are also true,
Why don’t you simply construe?
On this earth, as there’s a dearth
Of human mirth, so yours you defend
and pity on them you lend!
They’ll repay it from their riches
By time, they’d have gained.

I have faithful to You
All my life remained.

(Santosh Kumar Pokharel is a multilingual poet from Nepal. Winner of many international recognitions, Pokharel is an ardent peace activist. His writings are dedicated to peace, love and human hunger).