Now I Know

Sharad Nirola

Why do I want to see her every day?
Is it longing or obsession, I cannot say.
When she isn’t visible in the sea of humanity
My soul and my conscience die away.
Is it love at the bottom of my heart
Or is it infatuation at the top?
Whichever way this feeling’s going
It definitely doesn’t stop.
My days are hard as my nights are cold
Whatever it is that I dearly hold
Passion is young and urges keep bulging
My hopes get crashed and my ego is sold.
I wanted to get to know you better
With a heart full of hopes
Despite being somebody else’s
You threw me a lot of ropes
But alas! the ropes got caught in a tangle
With nary a chance of release.
The more I try to break free from them
The more my cravings increase.
Of late she’s been scarce
And the weeks are slipping by
My heart aches to see her so bad
And now I know the reason why
I’m in love with her – it so seems
With all my heart and soul
This pain wouldn’t have come forth
If it wasn’t for her role
She can never be mine, of course
As she already has a beau
It’s my fate to cry out in pain
Since my emotions don’t let go.

[Maryland, USA]