Novelist Adhikari Unveils His Second Novel ” The Last Dream”

Kathmandu, December 19

Unveiling the effects of war upon the children, novelist Raju Adhikari arrives with his latest work of fiction titled “The Last Dream”. Author Adhakari, who has been writing both in Nepali and English, releases his second novel in English, his first novel being “Coronation”.

The novel discusses the negative impacts of war particularly upon the children and tells how their future comes to an end before they flourish properly.

Criticizing the war, the novel not only harshly presents the loss of life and property but also that of humanity, morality and the future of the world, referring to the children.

“Children are our future. They are future of humanity, future of our planet. They have nothing to do with war, yet they are the most impacted group of people by war- directly or indirectly. Let us rethink what world those innocent children dream to live in and what world we have created for them.” reads in the back cover of the novel.

Published by Thuprai Dot Com, the novel is also available in e-book and can be globally attained through Amazon.