Amrit Sharma
How serene would it be, to vanish like a morning mist;
Bloom and fade with the time, graced with eternal bliss.
The hums of deceptions, paralyzing the soul, corroding down the flesh;
Wiping the core, breaking the self and all the final remains.

In angst I fall, stained with dread, the everlasting chaos prevails;
Inabsence of sled, I kneel down, and all the eminence is veiled.
The rapidity of senses, the will of newness, in the same dilapidated space;
How good is it, that I have got, all the absurdities to embrace?

Fatigued by the abstractions, I tear the mask, and jump down the stage;
Only to strengthen, the numbed senses, and return back to my cage.

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