Nothingness: The Birth of Love

Bibekanand Kumar ‘Agyat’ 

Why don’t I go for height?
Why don’t I go for light?
living in the imprisonment
is nothing but an inferno
what the taste it has!
keeps tethered in ditch
though harshly painful is the life
the cage why seems a safety guide
what a trap!
how to escape?
despite well know these I
why do, in hell, I lie?
certainly you know why:
the cheap pleasure stands by….
and deserting it … means
“death of I”
Terrible! Earthquake! Volcanoes!
The End…..! No, no, no …….
and imprisoned in the safety tank
not upgrading but to hold the old rank


height swallows the inferiority
light erases the dark’s empire,
who likes to be swallowed, erased, crushed on
all may be
but not the ego
a lover loves to be lighted upon
though death is price: to be nothing

but just ‘love’

Love is the ultimate height;
Love is light

no heaven, no hell
just the infinite sky
not a home, not a jail

I wish I could have expectations “nix”
I wish I could die before in the lap the death lies

I wish I could be nothing

“nothingness – the birth of love”

Says the Buddha……..