Dear Nature

Nihaarika Pathi

Oh dear night!
Overwhelm me in your darkness.

Let me fade away and
discover myself.

Oh dear twinkling star!
Give me your ray,

For my soul is lost
And let me find my way.

Oh dear gentle breeze!
Drive me to the place you go

And let me know
The uncertain destiny as we row

Oh dear raindrops!
Pure thou are as I know

Embrace this poor soul,
Make it sacred as you are

Oh dear blooming flowers!
Watching you
tossing and dancing

I only find,
The immense pleasure
Of the beauty, unceasing

Oh dear birds! I adore
How swiftly you extend your arms
Up in the sky while you soar

And here quietly
lost in nature, I wonder
at the beauty of life
and existence.

(Author Nehaarika Pathi as a student at Pulchok Engineering Campus, Tribhuvan University)