Nature and Life

Bikash Acharya

From early beginning till this day
Capturing many wishes in mind
Our life is struggling!

Many Boundless ambitions
And some boxes of small desire
With some packs of selfishness
Is trying to quench
The thirst of love and desire!

He being a small unit of nature
Carrying huge heart to live
Is running,
Thinking as though he won’t die
With his two hands
Collecting everything in his way
Forgetting that wealth is nothing
Even if he approach beyond the world
He can’t take anything at his end! !

Star, planet or plants
Everything in this Universe
Doesn’t live forever
See the Sun fading
Setting slowly, far in the west horizon
The brightest light
That used to be his proud in the morn
Is now turning reddish in shy
The tree that once used stood tall
With its countless fluttering leaves
Is now Old and weak
Has surrendered to it’s fate !

But look at the human,
Who doesn’t forsake his greed,
Who always crave for the material
Which he can’t take with him
After his end
Yet his thirst
is never satisfied.