Modern Prometheus

Rajesh Sapkota

Someone asked me,
What are you waiting for?
My rejoinder;
Waiting for my deferred dream;
The dream of modern Prometheus!

Ancient Hellenic civilization;
The nostalgia of the West.
The knowledge of the Western Metaphysics;
Christianity and the story of Adam and Eve.
The parallel story of modern Prometheus!

Yes it is!
I dared to steal the fire from the heaven;
Not so Difficult to steal from the oven!
Raid on the world of gods.
But, no repentance,
I accept the self-propelled destiny
The predicament of modern Prometheus!

The child of Cartesian dualism, postmodernist skepticism and Derridian difference
Now I am not hungry of knowledge
Different epistemology, different understanding!
Yes, this is the modem Prometheus!

In the collage of time
I’m drowning, not floating
In my headlong dream
Oh bard Homer! Oh Lord Virgil!
Save me!
I’m drowning in the vast sea of Western Metaphysics;
A spiteful dream of modern Prometheus!