Missing Love

Mohamed Rahal

I miss you, my love,
With all the longing while you’re
far away.
Will this distance improve me?
My tears fall, yearning to see you.
I sleep with a ghost by my side,
It never leaves me.

How do I feel with you so far
from me?
My eyes never sleep, baby,
Filled with strange longing.
What good is this yearning?

I would love to see you, but how?

Why did I love you,
unforgettable love?
I hear every whisper of you,
Your love and touch,
But how?

Why did you agree to stay away from me?
Is this my reward for falling in love?

My love, come back,
I can’t hold on without you.
I clung to your love like a baby.
Come back.

Trans. Santosh Kumar Pokharel

(Mohamed Rahal is an Algerian poet.)