Madhusudan Ghimire’s ‘Mayako Aayatan’ Released

Madhusudan Ghimire’s poetry collection ‘Mayako Aayatan’ has been released. The collection was unveiled jointly by poets Usha Sherchan, Biplak Prateek, Hem Prabhas, and chief editor of Sahityapost Ashwini Koirala, in the presence of former Prime Minister Jhala Nath Khanal at a program held at the Nepal Tourism Board hall.

Speaking at the programme, former PM Khanal remarked that although Madhusudan Ghimire is visually impaired, he feels more with the eyes of his heart than a normal person. He said, “Madhusudan Ghimire, despite being visually impaired, has the capacity to feel more than an average person. Every poem he writes contains deep emotion. I wish him the best in writing many more such poems and contributing to all genres of Nepali literature.”

During the program, poet Hem Prabhas expressed that he got to read a beautiful work after a long time and mentioned that ‘Mayako Aayatan’ is a collection that those who have a deep passion for poetry must read.

Similarly, poet Usha Sherchan, while delivering her congratulatory message, recited two poems in honor of poet Ghimire.

Ghimire’s collection features poems written on various dimensions of love. Additionally, the poems also address social issues, the state of the nation, and the current condition of the youth.

Published by Sahityapost, the collection comprises 125 short poems. Alongside the poems, there are illustrations that abstractly give a visual representation to the poems.