Madhusudan Ghimire’s “Mayako Aayatan” Coming Soon

Poet Madhusudan Ghimire’s collection of romantic poems titled “Mayako Aayatan” (Volume of Love) is scheduled for release. This poetry anthology, comprising 125 short poems, will be made available to the public by Sahityapost.

The collection predominantly explores various facets of romantic relationships through poetry. Additionally, the poems touch upon themes concerning social issues, the nation, and the current state of youth.

The poems included in the collection were penned after the year 075 B.S. (2018 A.D.). Poet Ghimire reflects on his work, stating, “In this digital era, the presence of short poems holds significance, yet they are seldom compiled into collections. Furthermore, literary enthusiasts like us, who are visually impaired, face challenges accessing literature easily. Consequently, our representation in formal writing is limited. Through the publication of this book, I also aim to make a contribution to formal writing.”

In addition to the poems, the collection features illustrations that abstractly depict the essence of the poems.

The book launch is scheduled for Jestha 15 (May 29) at the auditorium of the Nepal Tourism Board.