Made in Future

Jayant Sharma

The future of intelligence is bright
They say ‘tis a shining light,
Our minds will all be stuffed
With the chips and codes tight.
For humans–
There’s no longer flight of fantasy
No longer plodding in the soil of toil.
With all the programmed machines,
Life’s just limited to the wiggle of hands.
We shall not need now soul
Wandering in search of truth
As we’ll all be plugged in
With groundbreaking tools.
Our knowledge quantised through binary brain
Our hearts galvanised with silicon emotion
Our creativity fabricated by mechanical prowess
And as the synthetic neurons manoeuvre in the cloud,
The humanity will have to keep up
With the genomes made in the lab.

[Jayant Sharma is a writer, translator, and editor who works in Nepali-English language pair. He has more than two dozen of literary volumes translated to his credit out of which some noteworthy ones are ‘Guerrilla Girl’, ‘Unsung Heroes’, ‘Children Stories from Nepal’, ‘In the Battle of Kirtipur’, ‘Gurkha War Poems’, and ‘Odes from the Himalayas’ to name a few. He is also the publisher and editor of an English literary magazine SATHI, which promotes Nepali literature through English translations and the founder of translateNEPAL, which is an initiative of representing Nepal in the global literary scene.]