Lyricist Tribikram Pandey’s New Song Unveiled with Vocals by Madan Krishna Shrestha

Kathmandu, February 5

Renowned lyricist Tribikram Pandey’s new song “Ti Nayan Saraabiko” has been publicly unveiled during an event held at the Lalitpur-based Employees Provident Fund Hall.  The audiovisual of the song was made public by Veteran musician Deepak Jangam.

Speaking publicly, musician Jangam praised the beautifully composed song, highlighting its excellent melody and music. He also mentioned that Pandey’s song skillfully encapsulates both emotional depth and simplicity in presentation, along with conveying human emotions and themes effectively.

During the program, senior artist Madan Krishna Shrestha expressed his admiration for the song’s theme and music. The music for this song has been given by the renowned composer Harisharan Sayemi, while the vocals were rendered by senior artist Madan Krishna Shrestha.

Organized  by the Nepal Rastriya Karmachari sangathan, the event was chaired by Rajaram Gautam