Love for a Butterfly 

Basudev Adhikari

Though born of a larva,
You  no longer remain one, butterfly!
You got transmuted
You have commenced a journey
And have cuddled beauty
I adore you.
You do not gnaw on flowers like a bee does,
And do not stockpile the chow
You frolic and strut
And entertain yourself.
How agile you are!
And how tantalizing!!
I want to catch and clasp
And play with you
But why do you flee
As soon as you set an eye on me?
Why do you take to your wings
As soon as the lens of a camera spot you?
Do you know
How much I adore you?
But you know very well
That I versify in praise of you
How beguiling you are!
And how beautiful!
Your wings are your hands
They are your eyes too
How agile your hands are
And how dynamic are your hands!
I welcome your eyes
And salute your hands.
I intensely love
Your weightless wings!

(Translated from Nepali by Haribol Acharya)