Gaurav Ojha

When did I lose what I had?
Why do I still let that tiny hope linger in the darkness?
As for you and me, there was nothing left after the midnight lights.
We needed something else to shine.
Bubbles, flashes, skins, sounds, and screen effects
We are only warm for each other when it is cold.
When it gets to boiling, the glue that stitches us together evaporates.
Exposed as we are before the sun
Our shadows are too small for the mask we have put on for each other.
It’s not arrogant to say
We can both find faces and spaces left between us to explore.
How about recovering from a loss?
Nothing matters, even as I stand on
There is no need to join in after things fall

 (Gaurav Ojha is a writer, researcher, and educator at different educational institutions.)