Litterateur Paudyal honored in Dallas

Appreciating his literary contributions, Dallas Society of America has honored litterateur Mahesh Paudyal with ‘Courageous Service Award’. The award was presented on Saturday amidst a literary event held in Dallas, America.

The program, jointly organized by Nepali Society of Dallas, Global Nepali School and Srasta Sajh, also occasioned to launch Baikuntha Acharya’s poetry anthology titled ‘The Lost Pebbles’.

Paudyal, who is also an acclaimed critic, shared his experience regarding the newly launched book. “We find the precious expression of pain, nostalgia, and love for both nature and homeland in Acharya’s poetry. The poems are simple, yet deep and metaphorical” said Paudyal.

The event also prized the winners of the ‘Creative Writing Competition’ that was carried among the school students.

A jury member composed of litterateurs Baikuntha Acharya, Dr. Yuwaraj Aryal and Mahesh Paudyal declared junior secondary students Kushagra Wagle, Aryan Gyawali and Riva Pandey as the winners standing first, second and third respectively.

Similarly, Anbesika Thapa, Ritika Pantha and Rudra Kharel were declared first, second and third respectively from the secondary category.

During the event, Poet, translator and critic Mahesh Paudyal also interacted with the readers and audiences present in the event.