Let’s not wait to be an Adult to Save the Earth

Now-a-days people have been disrespectful and careless towards Mother, Nature, which led to drastic measures such as global warming, deforestation, polluted water, air pollution, etc. If we don’t take the matters into our own hands now, these things will lead to terrible consequences. So, the causes of these chaotic world problems are simple: humans being ungrateful, careless, taking the earth’s resources for granted and doing whatever they want with earth. It becomes the necessity of today’s generation that everyone should get attached to nature and natural resources. While thinking the same thing, I happened to come across this book: —‘The New 50 Simple Things Kids Can Do to Save the Earth’.

The author of this book is Sophie Javna, from the EarthWorks Group. She with her father John Javna, have revised the original best-selling book for valid information and eloquent narration. According to them, when they sat down to write the original book, there weren’t many environmental books in print and the ones that did exist at the time were about how kids can save the earth when they are adults. But, this book shows how kids can save the earth everyday when they are still kids.

The book is really interesting, fun and will definitely convince kids that they can do something for the earth. It also has easy and kid-friendly projects which are useful, effective and real fun. Each chapter of the book is full with tons of links to different resources and groups relating to the chapter. The one thing that I find really cool and will create a good impression on the kids is that in each chapter, the methods which they tell us to preserve the earth are joined with really cool and sarcastic sentences such as in the chapter relating to preserving water, it says that ‘use bathtubs instead of showers to use less water also it sounds better when you sing in a shower!’ and more. It is a minor thing but I feel like it’s really creative. Kids can do and learn a lot of things from the book such as how to preserve water, electricity, wildlife, what are our earth’s buried treasures, how is the climate changing, how can we recycle and what can we recycle etc. In fact, the book itself is made of recycling paper! It also shows us what kids have said about the environment since what children say is considered more effective and interesting. The book firstly describes about what’s happening around the world, how’s it happening which in my view, is a great start to an environmental book since it is important that we know what the situation is before we work on it. Like firstly it says what’s happening in our earth such as water pollution, climate change, global-warming, us wasting energy, air pollution, disappearing animals etc. Each chapter starts with basic questions relating to the chapter such as: if the chapter is about recycling stuff, they ask us the questions like ‘how many times can we recycle aluminum’ with options for us to take a guess and answers are at the bottom of the page. (Sometimes the options can be ridiculous and fun!)There are also ton of group and individual projects which kids can do with their friends or by themselves. There are a lot of things which kids can do from the book to save the earth in their everyday lives such as preserving water by changing a habit or two, composting soil, recycling stuff, reducing air pollution and much more. The things I mentioned here may sound boring since we’ve been hearing them every day but in the book these simple titles have been modified to really creative titles. The main motive of this book is to spread the message to all the kids and parents too. If children develop the habit to preserve the earth and to respect its resources, it will be easier for them in the future to work on them and we’ll be able to do the work in a more collective way and they’ll be able to pass it on to their generations since we need to make the earth livable for the future generations as well.