Kumar Bhattrai’s Novel on Jhapa Rebellion Released

Kathmandu, January 25

Based upon the Jhapa Rebellion against the immediate Panchayat system led by Communist Party of Nepal, Kumar Bhattrai has released the book titled  28 Sal (Year 2028) . This book incorporates the experiences of leaders and participants in the Jhapa Rebellion.

The book was jontly made public by notable personalities like Durga Adhikari, senior journalist Purushottam Dahal, and the author Bhattarai himself.

In the novel, author Bhattarai has contextualized the Jhapa Rebellion, which was conducted by the Nepal Communist Party during the Panchayat era for the re-establishment of democracy, in the form of a novel.

The book, published by Sangrila Books, focuses on 35 characters involved in the Jhapa Rebellion, presenting the narrative in a novelistic style.

In 2027 B.S, the youth of Jhapa rebelled against feudal practices, forming the Coordination Center after which an armed resistance against the feudal system was commenced.