Krishna Bajagai’s Two Books Released

Author Krishna Bajagai’s two books have recently been released. Bajagai’s collection of short stories, “Nagna Swapna’ (Naked Dreams)  and his anthology of travelogues ‘Yunfrau’ were released during a book launch event.

The books were jointly launched by Liverpool University Hospital’s Dr. Shambhu Acharya, Prof. Dr. Laxman Prasad Gautam, Prof. Dr. Lekh Prasad Niroula, Dr. Phanindra Raj Niroula, Shri Om Shrestha Rodan, author Bajagai himself, and publisher Keshav Parajuli.

Bajagai’s travelogue comprises 27 travel experiences, including journeys to Switzerland, Greece, and Portugal, while his collection of short stories includes 61 narratives.

Critic Dr. Phanindra Raj Niroula, remarked that Bajagai’s travelogue being based on his travels across Europe. He stated, “This is his fifth travelogue. It is interesting and significant. In it, he encompasses various journeys to different countries presenting different cultural explorations.”

In his critical commentary, Prof. Dr. Lekh Prasad Niroula highlighted that Bajagai’s current work surpasses his previous writings. He said, “His travelogue conducts historical explorations. As one reads his travelogue, one discovers his contemplation of ancient civilizations.”

Both works have been published by Bhundi Puran Publications.

Krishna Bajagai, who is currently residing in the UK, has published 18 works so far. His previously released short story collections include, “Kaghazko Mantri” (The Paper Minister)  “Sambaidhanik Patni” (Constitutional Wife) “Kawach,” “Road Map,” “Yantrawat,” and travelogues such as “Daibuchu,” “Umi Hotaru,” “Bhaya Sakra,” “Euriosia ko Sparsa’ (The Touch of Eurasia), among others.