Koshi Province to Hold Grand Art Exhibition

Kathmandu, March 6

Koshi Province is scheduled to host a grand Fine Arts Exhibition from March 12 t0 18 in Itahari. The six-day exhibition will feature the artwork by various artists from all 14 districts of the province. The event will take place at the Itahari-based Matrix Gallery.

Various stakeholders including the Chairman of Matrix Bikramshree, member of the Nepal Academy of Fine Arts Sanjay Vantawa, artists from eastern Nepal, Itahari Sub-Metropolitan City, and other organizations are actively contributing to ensure the successful operation of the exhibition.

Approximately 150 artists from the different districts of the province are estimated to participate in the event, showcasing artworks of various dimensions and mediums including painting, sculpture, architecture, regional art, cultural art, handicrafts, installation art, design art, cartoon art, photography, and more.