Kireina Josei in Kimono 

Kuma Raj Subedi 

Wrapped front- garment
that you’ve worn
is not less than a fairy dress;
The golden-green belt
that you have worn
is not less than an armour of *Kichijoten.

Cast your eyes on me like a burning glass,
Shoot me out with an arrow of profound love,
Smile and slide me into your heart like a star in the sky,
Freeze me in your arms and let the world know that I am your aqua-man.

*Kireina Josei, you’ve now ignited
my spirit like never before-
The silken Kimono is as pure as your soul
when it reflects your countenance in shining light.

How would I bear you when you undress?
I can’t blind myself like Oedipus,
I will rather ask for blessings of Kichijoten
To turn you into a colourful statue,
Or wait until my wish is granted,
Or put me in trance with your velvet-hand
until my last day in your lap
but don’t undress ^Aishi ni josei !

  • *Kichijoten is the alluring Japanese deity of beauty, artistry, and abundance
  •  *beautiful woman
  •  *^ My fair lady