Kathmandu Observed Ranjana Phadke’s ‘Kathak Dance Recital’

It was drizzling. Kathmandu, usually a bustling city, turned even busier as the clock hit 5:30pm. There obviously observed traffic jam, hustle and bustle at Jamal road. Yet, a mass of people were seen gathering at National Dance Theatre in spite of the rain. They had come there to celebrate the momentous evening with Ranjana Phadke and her special performance titled ‘Kathak Dance Recital’.
Outside, the light rain changed into a downpour clattering along the roof. Whereas, inside the auditorium, Ranjana Phadke and her spell bounding Kathak dance outdid the clattering rain. Phadke along with her two accompaniers ( Surabi Sintre and Rasika Gangalal) received a continuous applause while they were performing. One could easily experience the intensity of the atmosphere that was infused with excitement, whistling and cheering of the audience.
In between the performance, Phadke would have moments of rest while lord Shiva’s devotional song was played, sometimes in Krishna Lela, often at goddess Durga’s hymn and even during the religious chant of Pashupatinath.
The event, which had honored the Culture, Tourism and civil Aviation minister Shusil Sirpal as the chief guest, enjoyed six different Kathak performances by artist Fadke and her team.
The event was jointly organized by Nepal Academy of Music and Drama, Swami Bibekananda Cultural Centre and Nepal Cultural Corporation.
Chancellor of Nepal Academy of Music and Drama Nisha Sharma informed that the ‘Kathak Dance Recital’ by Ranjana Phadke will also be taking place at Bhanu Sabha Hall, Pokhara on 18th of Ashoj.
Who is Ranjana Phadke?
Ranjana Phadke is a Mumbai based artist, choreographer and performer of classical dance ‘Kathak’ who is not only famous in India but also around the world. She has been running institution ‘Kathakalaya’ for past 20 years, training and inspiring young dance enthusiasts. Through Kathakalaya, she has also been actively working for the preservation and promotion of classical dance.