Journalist Sushil Darnal Releases ‘Dalit Pratinidhitwo Ra Bisayabastu in RSS’

Journalist Sushil Darnal’s book titled ‘Dalit Pratinidhitwo Ra Bisayabastu in RSS’ (Dalit Representation and Content in RSS) was launched on Friday.  The book was made public by Minister for Communications and Information Technology Rekha Sharma at a ministry event.

The research-based book examines the representation of Dalits, Dalit-related news coverage, and the regulatory and editorial policies concerning Dalits within the RSS. Despite constitutional guarantees, the socioeconomic, political, and cultural status of the Dalit community in Nepal remains disadvantaged.

According to the book, during the months of Baisakh, Jestha, and Asar in 2075 BS, Dalit-related news content in RSS publications accounted for 1.03%, 0.79%, and 0.73%, respectively. Although many stories focused on positive discrimination and reform initiatives, follow-up coverage was minimal. Additionally, Dalits constitute only 1.86% of the total workforce at RSS.

The book underscores the necessity for inclusive policies that prioritize the representation and advancement of Dalits and other marginalized communities.