Janakpur Literature and International Theatre Festival to Start on February 1

Kathmandu, January 15

Maithili Development Fund is all set to hold Janakpur Literature and International Theatre Festival scheduled from February 1 to 5 in Janakpurdham. The five-day festival aims to promote the Maithili language, literature, art, culture, economy, and tourism.

According to the notice issued by Maithili Development Fund, the festival will be held at Mahendra Narayan Nidhi Mithila Cultural Centre in Janakpurdham.

The festival features 20 different sessions focusing on various issues such as politics, society, literature, and economy.

Nepali and Indian artists will be performing dramas in various languages, including Maithili, Nepali, Hindi, Assamese, and Bengali during the festival.

Featuring senior politicians from various political backgrounds, the festival will highlight Mithila art, literature, theatrical performances, Maithili cultural expressions, and an array of cultural programmes.

The festival is set to showcase the involvement of academics, social advocates, creative minds, and political figures hailing from both Nepal and India. The festival aims to bring attention to conversations and exchanges surrounding federalism, language policies, diverse literary genres, and the prevailing societal conditions, said Chaudhary.

Under the Janakpur Gatha segment, organiser has planned a dedicated session to delve into the origins of Janakpurdham, explore the rich heritage of Mithila literature and art, share success stories of accomplished women from the region, and spotlights the achievements of the youth during the festival.

The Maithili Development Fund has been organising the festival every two years since 2073 BS.

The fourth edition of the festival will receive support from the Government of Madhesh Province and Janakpurdham Sub-Metropolitan City.

The organiser aims to welcome around 100,000 Nepali and Indian participants to the festival.