Ivan the Great in Animal Kingdom

Sambid Dhakal

The book One and Only Ivan  tells about  one of the real stories of the Gorilla named Ivan. Ivan is a Silverback Gorilla who gets captured from a Jungle  by Mack. Then he starts living in 8 big top mall and a video arcade. And it has already been 9876 years of living there. He has friends named Bob and Stella. But he doesn’t have any gorilla friends. Ivan is an artist too. And he draws  banana peels as usual. People  don’t understand his drawings but still  buy them at $25 with frames. Julia  is a great artist. She draws drawings with her imagination. But Ivan draws something again and again and never gets bored. When Ivan is  hungry, sometimes, he eats Crayons. Days go on and on. One day,  Mack brings a new neighbour of Ivan, Bob,  Stella and Julia. And it is Ruby and elephant. Ruby is a baby elephant who has  more and more curiosity. She is  unstoppable  of asking the questions. Ivan needs to tell the stories  and  only she falls asleep. After some days Stella dies because  of her leg. Ruby is  more sad than Ivan and Bob. Ivan  starts to  draw at night for Ruby and Sleep at the day time. Bob  doen’t like  that activity at all. Finally, Ivan completes  his drawing  and it gets sold for $40 with frame. From that day,  he again starts to draw  for  Mack too. And that drawing gets sold for $60 with frame. On the other side, Mack gives training to Ruby  which hurts her a lot.  Ruby   enjoys it with  Ivan and Bob  but actually  she is in prison. One day  everybody come to the big top Mall  and organise a rally  for Ruby to be freed and finally  one girl, Maya, picks  Ruby and Ivan.  Mack becomes mad  and he fires George.  So, it is the last day  for  Julia, Ivan and Ruby. Another day Ivan and Ruby go to the zoo  with Maya. The zoo  is  good  for them. Ivan  watches ‘the Gorilla  show’  and Ruby enjoys it with other elephants.  One day  the characters of the gorilla show  come for real and  they play tag. And finally,  that day  becomes Happiest day for Ivan and Ruby because he gets a chance to meet Julia and Bob.

The book One and Only Ivan  written by Katherine Applegate is interesting because  there is a comparison between  Gorillas and humans. It’s written about a funny gorilla and  elephant etc.  In general I like this book because  it has a very emotional story  and I want Part-2 of this book too. But when we talk about the text of the book it has a small font, and it would be more interesting if there would be chapters in this book instead of headings. It can be easier for us to do book reviews or write plots and settings. However, this book has a glossary too which has been easier for us students. When I read the note by the author I got surprised that Ivan is a real gorilla and he is in in Zoo Atlanta, and I want to meet him for real.