Invite Cancelled

(A real story of today)
Santosh Kumar Pokharel

She liked often my poems
And she chatted with me a lot
She invited me to an event
That two hours before I got.

Then she urged me to come
For sure and not fail
Or I would be in the blacklist
And warned me in detail.

The seats were all counted
To fill by people called
Those had been her people
For whom were those installed.

Then I assured of joining
Her event and engage
Then she posed a question
What was my real age.

She would ask me if I
Could translate her few works
Payment she won’t do then
I told I take no perks.

I wrote, her about my age
Was what she gave to me
Then she wrote that I was
In a doubtful state to be.

What did cause her do this
Will I never mind
If I had revealed her
Would she happen kind?

Then I thanked her for this
Taking back invite
Wished to hug her hubby
Who starved in past for bite.

As she read this message
She did apologise
Sends me back her invite
What of me is wise?

(Dedicated to a lady organiser of a literary event)