Interaction on the Novel ‘Manu’ Held

English SahityaPost
Kathmandu, August 13

An interactive event on Manu, a novel by Dr. Devi Prasad Subedi recapitulating the Rigvedic period was held in Kathmandu on Saturday.  Critics Prof. Dr. Laxman Prasad Gautam and Dr. Rajani Dhakal, and journalist Somnath Ghimire presented their opinions on the book.

Speaking on the book, critic Prof. Dr. Gautam said, “In order to know our civilization and understand its root and origin, one should read this novel. Literature is often taken very lightly as an ordinary writing at present.  Against that, the readers will surely experience unique imagination by reading about the characters, plot and setting of the Vedic period in this book.”

Another speaker Dr. Rajani Dhakal expressed her contentment with the book Manu as it appeared four decades after Madavi. She said, “One who reads this book will know how affluent our Vedic literature was and why the cornerstone of that richness became our legacy. The book interestingly narrates the end of the division between the Devas and the Asuras while supervising Manu, the first man, and the development of human race under his command after the great flood.”

“Literature is not only about fantasy; it is also a source of information about history, culture and the civilization. So one needs to set foot within the school of Manu,” said journalist Somnath Ghimire.

Author Devi Prasad Subedi expressed his pride for being able to devote the novel to the readers.