Inner Harmony

Yubaraj Bhandari

“Dear Son, how are you doing?”
“Where is the hope you’re sowing? ”
My mom appeared and asked me with care
But my heart was heavy, burdened with despair
I tried to hide it with a smile, but she knew
That something was amiss, and quite untrue

“Do you take your medication as prescribed?”
She asked, concern etched in her eyes
I fumbled with the container, my mind a haze
Lost between the past and present days

“Do you dream of a better tomorrow?”
She inquired with a voice gentle and low
I hung my head, feeling sorrow
For the plans I made but failed to follow

“Can you achieve inner harmony?”
Her words rang true, a peaceful melody;
I knew what she meant but it wasn’t easy
To let go of anger and be free

“Do you purify yourself, my dear?”
Her last question hung in the air
I wondered how to answer, how to dare
To face my flaws, my sins, my despair

And just like that, she disappeared
Leaving me alone, but not alone with fear
For her words stayed with me, lingering clear
Guiding me to be a better me, year after year

[The poet, originally from Tanahun in Nepal, currently lives in Toronto, Canada]