Inaugural Editorial

After garnering exciting experiences of working with literature for the past few years, Team Sahityapost has realized what a powerful tool literature can be to express the imaginations of an individual, to showcase the worldview of a culture, to help people secure themselves with scripto-therapeutic pursuits during uneasy hours like that of pandemic, to connect people across national and international borders and to shape public opinion in favor of humanity and the planet. The thick network of writers and readers from all over the world knitted to the central pivot of our publication is, we believe, a cultural asset that can introduce the soft aspect of our civilization to the rest of the world. But when the world occurs fact to face with our expression, we need to have a language that can carry our creations and thoughts beyond the Nepali universe, both physical and virtual. With this realization, we decided to launch

Our English portal, within the limits of its ‘literary’ jurisdiction, shall aspire to share with the world the best that has been thought, said or written by Nepali writers and artists, though we shall also entertain with similar readiness the works contributed by writers from other countries. By doing so, we shall try to contribute to the internationalization of Nepali literature. For the task, we may have to encourage translation of the existing works and inspire the upcoming generation to write in English, alongside its mother tongues. As its preparatory task, Team Sahityapost shall also facilitated writing, translating and editing workshop among aspiring youngsters who share their interest along this line. is led by a team of editors, who have been in the field of literary creation, journalism, editing and translation for a long time. Sarad Pradhan, our Advising Editor was formerly associated with the Kantipur Media Group, and worked with The Kathmandu Post for about a decade as sub-editor. He also worked for one and a half decade for Nepal Tourism Board as its Media Advisor and edited most of the journals and publications the Board published. Moreover, he has several volumes of works, including his original creations, edited stuff and translated works in the public domain. He is a multi-lingual writer and editor. Editor-in-Chief Mahesh Paudyal is a prolific writer, translator and editor. A lecturer of English at the Central Department of English, Tribhuvan University, Paudyal has more than a dozen of original works published, while his book-size translations are more than two dozens. He has contributed to several media, both in Nepali and English as a writer and reviewer. He was formerly associated with,, and as Editor. Anil Khatiwada, who shall oversee the digital management of is an IT engineer from a Malaysian University and a bilingual poet, writing in Nepali and English. He is one of the major contributors of Ujyaloka Maliharoo a joint collection of poems. He has more than a decade-long experience of digital management, web development and mobile app development. The Post also has other proficient members in its team, including reporters, translators, sub-editors and audio-visual operators.

With this team of highly qualified, experienced and zealous members, will believably become one of the most professional and trustworthy English literary portals. The cooperation of our esteemed contributors, reviewers and readers shall be the lifeline of the portal. We shall try to bring to the fingertips of our readers the best of the creations possible with fine editing and attractive presentation.

Help us grow further. For diligent and industrious dreamers, even the sky is not the limit. With your support, we believe, we will be able to attain the unattainable. Help us realize our motto: ‘Imaginative capital for digital humanity.’  Thanks.

Here we go! The future shall tell where we shall be landing!