In Atlanta’s Grace 

Dinara Orazaliva

Atlanteans appear,
Once every century, their mission clear.
To mend the world, with hearts sincere,
They bring a message, hope drawing near.

Unity they champion, in every hue,
Spreading kindness, love anew.
Honesty ablaze, in souls pure and bright,
Their presence a beacon, in darkest night.

With justice as their mantle, they stride,
Nobility woven, in every stride.
Unveiling falsehood, with wisdom’s art,
Their love’s embrace, a healing start.

Blessed by divine, with gifts untold,
They nurture dreams, in hearts grown cold.
In quiet resolve, they sow seeds of change,
Their impact vast, yet quietly arranged.

Let’s honour these Atlanteans, rare and fine,
Guiding our world, with light divine.
For in their essence, beauty unfurled,
They are the custodians of a better world.

Translated from Russian into English by Santosh Kumar Pokharel, Nepal.

[Dinara Orazbekova, pseudonym Dina Oraz, was born on June 18, 1980 in the city of Kokshetau, Republic of Kazakhstan, lives in the city of Astana. Graduated from the Faculty of History and Fine Arts of Kokshetau State University. Sh.Sh. Ualikhanov. Poet, writer, journalist, translator, head of the Creative Association “AVANGARD”, vice-president of the public organization MSND. Member of ELIASSHAGAR WORLD. She published two children’s books: “Who Treats Lions’ Teeth?”, “Where the Unicorn Lives?” The author’s works have been translated into Tajik, Azerbaijani, English, Belarusian, Turkish, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Ukrainian, and Latvian. Poems and stories were published in various magazines and collections.]