‘I Went on a Waddling Way’ by Nepali poet Santosh Kumar Pokharel

Ludita Mirea
Romania/ Spain

I am very happy to be able to talk about the magnificent work of the Poet Santosh Kumar Pokharel, born in Nepal, with a great personality and great career, not only in poetry, but also being a fighter for peace and empathy worldwide.

Editor and translator of several languages, such as English, Nepali, Hindi, Maithili, Tharu and Russian, he began writing at the age of 13, and his poems have been translated into thirty-five languages so far. His Poems have various themes such as war, women, children, and all topics in general.
The poem “Continue walking like a duck” written on April 3, 2015, in the book “The Poems of Modesty”, transmits to us the common feeling of people who often do not understand true love, being blinded by their own selfishness, and by the time they open their eyes and consciousness, it is too late, having already lost a brave opportunity, to be happy. A very exciting and true theme, which brings before humanity the human need to be more volatile and predisposed to pay attention to what is happening around them.
With great gratitude to Poet Santosh Kumar Pokharel, for offering me this great opportunity to write about his magnificent work. I hereunder present his original poem “I Went on a Waddling Way” and my Spanish Version for the Global Audience.

I Went on a Waddling Way                
– Santosh Kumar Pokharel

I felt her in my inner glee
I felt her tenderloin
I felt she caressed so my plea
As made my love divine.

I took her for a simple maid
I took to undermine
And shook to get, her head, that said
She nods for me benign.

She tossed me up to high cherub
As wandered to and fro
In quest of hub,
my love catch up,
My expectations go.

I longed to make my bid vivid
As happed her passing by
She, emotions hid indeed
She gave her sombre sigh.

Awaited till my breath instilled
I could her never sway
Passion did my fade away
I went on waddling way.

April 03, 2015.
(From my book, The Modesty Poems)

My Spanish Version

Continué caminando como un pato
– Santosh Kumar Pokharel

Sentí su suave cuerpo en mi interior y sentí que me acariciaba tanto que convertía nuestro amor en divino.

La tomé por una dama sencilla y la subestimé pero me sorprendió ver que siempre estaba por mi bien.

Ella me elevó a la altura de un ángel cuando yo vagaba en busca del amor.

Estaba tratando con todas mis fuerzas de demostrarle mi amor vívidamente cuando ella pasó por allí y ella ocultaba sus emociones hacia mí con un suave suspiro.

La esperé hasta que pude contener la respiración pero no pude alcanzarla. Mi pasión por ella se ha desvanecido ahora y seguí andando como un pato.

03 de abril de 2015.
(De mi libro, Los poemas de la modestia)

Date: 02/02/2024
Pseudonym: Full Moon