I Want to Smell My Birthplace Again

Prasoon Paudel 

While I desperately want to go to Nepal, I can’t because of my school and especially because we are in the month of October. I know it would be very nice to visit Nepal during my birth month and celebrate my birthday there, but the month of October is just plainly not a good time to do so. This is because October is the month I am likely to have the most tests at school, and if I happen to miss any test, my grades would go down significantly.

If it was the month of June or July , I would definitely go. In fact, I am visiting Nepal next year, and I prefer June and July to any month because I think they would be the best months to visit Nepal as I get summer break, and I would not have to worry for any grades.

Although there are many reasons behind my desire to visit Nepal, what frequently motivates me go to my birth place  is my relatives to whom I would  love to meet again after two years. Also, I want to experience the natural beauty of Nepal and smell the fresh air again, and to simply just explore new places.

(Virginia based author Paudel is a seventh grader student who originally belongs to Parbat, Nepal)