I Am Positive

LB Chhetri

How can I be negative
and say ‘No’
when every else is positive
and says ‘Yes’?

Yet I harbour my own nagging doubts.

I have earned a lot in my life
Enmity is the most powerful of them all,
But much to my detriment,
It is making myself my own worst enemy.

Once at midnight I heard a loud sound
and woke up scared
waited for a moment for the sound to repeat
but there was none
I tried to sleep again
but could not;
Only fear reigned throughout
with racing thoughts

I cursed myself—
‘Why did I earn foes instead of friends
not saying ‘Yes’ for others’ ‘Yes’?

‘Now suffer like this every night, you bloody LB!’
said my conscience.

I smiled silently;
I was positive.

It was morning then.