I ain’t Buddha

Baskota Dhananjaya

Gentlemen, I ain’t Buddha
Hunted the pigeons
Flown early morning
By the imported
Guleli and Matangra
And I declared-
They’re regressive
For thousands of years
Having no tidings;
All the identical, identical.
Ascending the Singhadurbar
They glanced and glared from
Its balcony. But they noticed
Nothing, nor the pebbles makers
On the bank of Trishuli
Whose son of four
Being nude photographed
For the promotion in next election,
Nor they praised with gay
At the science that
Dismantled the rainbow of
The integrated colors that
Colors and beautifies the society;
Nor they permitted
The construction of the
Demolition of house
With the sticker stuck by
The veil of flatterers;
Nor they strived to kiss
The so-called transformation
That dismantled the
The holistic rays of life
Mechanizing them and
Letting the human culture
And religion vanish in
The eternity; nor they cordially
Admitted the knowledge
Acquired by nibbling the
Beautiful house; nor they
Admired the peace song
Sung positioning over the shell;
Or they paced ahead mocking
The ruined walls
That divide the human beings,
And thus I ain’t Buddha
Who hunts the pigeons that
Fly for peace
With the imported
Guleli and Matangrya
Viewing them as status quoist.

(Author Baskota Dhananjaya is a story writer, critic and  lecturer of English at  Damak Multiple Campus , Jhapa)