Human Unity Is No More!

Bhansingh Dhami

Advertising terror and horror
Among maps and minds
Of different kinds
Is an output of antique thoughts.
Thus, humanity is no more.

Are you gathering unity fill with day-dreams?
Disclosing your hidden interest
Advancing immunity for holistic emancipation
We are in the bravest land
To tackle your sky-scraping greed.

The essentiality of a slaughterhouse
Has become crucial for your cruelty.
You, machines, have lost your humanistic fuel
Becoming mice from lice.
We are humans

Entitled to handle time.

Let’s attempt again!
Animal unity is towering once more.

[Bhansingh Dhami is a teacher by profession. He teaches English at Shree Krishna Secondary School Melamchi-4, Sindhupalchok. Some of his Nepali and English poems have in published in SahityPost and other periodicals.]