Hu-la-la-lu, Hu-la-la-hu!

Eagam Khaling, Darjeeling

A couple went to the market with their little son, leaving the house assistant alone. But the husband suddenly went missing in the crowd of the market goers. It was unacceptable to the wife that such a responsible man could go missing in such a small market. She was frustrated at her husband’s eccentricity. She started searching for him in the crowd randomly.

Searching for her husband that way, she found a man in the costume of an Eskimo, standing in front of a costume and photography studio. The wife stopped before the man because she suspected that she had seen him somewhere. The man tried to keep himself swamped with his unique greetings to every passer-by. She asked him with a dimple on her cheek, “Hello, Sir! Did you see a black man in a black suit anywhere around?”

The man only said “Hu-la-la-lu Hu-la-la-hu!” in reply.

The woman asked the man again, “Brother! Did you see a half-madman in a black suit passing through this way just a while before?”

The man again replied, wrenching his eyes, “Hu-la-la-lu Hu-la-la-hu!”

The woman was very angry with the man. She shouted, “Are you a man or a wild beast? You savage! Don’t you understand human language? Don’t you have a brain inside your large primitive skull? I shall make you remember your granny!”

The man was standing calmly as if he didn’t hear anything. She took a few steps forward, and shouted again, turning towards the man, “Have all the men in this town gone mad? How dare you say “Hu-la-la-lu Hu-la-la-hu”? Damn you, a water-bearing head!”

Seeing her murmur and turn violent, the man nervously started shouting in fear, “Hu-ma-ko-hu Hu-ma-nai-hu!”

After a while, a little boy appeared in front of the man and asked him, “Papa! Did you take a picture of yourself in this costume? Wow, you look like Tabaqui in The Jungle Book!”