Historical Novel ‘Bahadur Shah’ Released

Kathmandu, March 1

Nepalaya has released a a historical novel titled “Bahadur Shah.”  The author of the book is Chiranjibi Wagle, a veteran who has spent a long time in the political arena.

Wagley has presented the story of Bahadur Shah in the form of a novel, taking a different approach from his usual literary works. This is the third book by the author, with his previous works including ” Bandanshala ma Khira ” and “Balidan Le Baneko Desh” (The Country Built by Sacrifice).

By releasing the book “Bahadur Shah”, Nepalaya gives  continuity to the genre of historical fiction. Prior to this, Yogesh Raj’s novel “Ranhaar” was published by Nepalaya, which centered around the last king of Bhaktapur, Ranjit Malla.

This 316-page book is priced at 675 rupees. It is available in major bookstores across the country.

Nepalaya has also made “Bahadur Shah” available as an e-book alongside its physical release. Readers worldwide can purchase the e-book from thuprai.com or Amazon.