Heart Flows

Sushant Kumar B.K.

Is your heart withering, dying?
Let it be so,
Embrace every destiny
As dying also signals a rebirth,
Like fallen seeds that sprout,
Like the buildings of Athens,
Flamed, and downed,
Yet restored, and
More acclaimed than before.

Similarly, in the Theatre of Dionysus
From tragic acts to
Comedic relief, performed
In life’s voyage, inevitably,
Your heart will find its rhythms,
As nothing remains the same,
Like a flowing river.

(Sushant Kumar B.K. is a Nepali poet, translator, educator and freelance writer from Gulariya, Bardiya, Nepal. He writes poems in English and Nepali languages. His poems have been featured in national and international anthologies, magazines, newspapers, and online portals. He can be accessed at sushantacademia@gmail.com)